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Looking to buy a new bike? Not sure which size is right for you? Do you experience pain during or after your outings? Want to improve your performance?

We’ll help you find the position that’s right for you, your body type and your sport.

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Everything you need to know about postural studies

What is a postural study?

A postural study is an in-depth analysis of the rider’s position on the bike. It aims to assess and optimize the cyclist’s posture to improve comfort, performance and even safety.

Why carry out a postural study?

Carrying out a postural study on a bicycle offers several significant advantages:

Comfort: A good position on the bike reduces pressure points and muscular tension, improving rider comfort during long, intense rides.

Injury prevention: Poor posture can lead to muscle pain, overworked joints or chronic injuries. A postural study can identify potential problems and make adjustments to reduce the risk of injury.

Performance: An optimal position on the bike promotes better transmission of muscle power, improved aerodynamics and increased pedaling efficiency, which translates into better performance on the road or track.

Individual adaptation: Each cyclist has a specific morphology and needs. A postural study enables us to adapt the position on the bike to the individual characteristics of each rider.

In short, carrying out a postural study on a bicycle helps optimize the rider’s position on the bike, resulting in greater comfort, reduced risk of injury and improved performance.

Who is the postural study for?

A postural study is aimed at all cyclists, whatever their level of experience or type of riding:

– Beginners: New cyclists may find it difficult to find a comfortable position on their bike. A postural study can help them adjust their position right from the start, promoting a more pleasant cycling experience and encouraging regular practice.

Regular cyclists: Even experienced cyclists can experience posture problems that limit their comfort or performance. A postural study enables them to identify and correct these problems to optimize their cycling experience.

Cyclists suffering from pain or injury: Some cyclists experience pain or injury during or after their outings. A postural study can help identify the underlying causes of these problems and make adjustments to relieve pain and prevent future injury.

Competitors: For competitive cyclists, every little advantage counts. An optimal position on the bike can make all the difference in terms of performance and competition results. A postural study helps maximize aerodynamics, pedaling efficiency and comfort, which can lead to improved performance at the finish line.

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Our packages


Using the appropriate software, we’ll determine the dimensions to be applied to your bike, based on your morphology and riding style.

This study includes. :
– Time for discussion and exchange
– Taking measurements
– Bike settings and position adaptation to suit your goals
– Shim settings
– Sheet with your setting dimensions

Price: €110


We propose a dynamic postural study. Thanks to an in-depth video analysis of your pedaling and movements, we can suggest the most appropriate settings.

This study includes :
– Time for discussion and exchange to understand your needs
– Video analysis
– Taking measurements
– Bike settings and position adjustment to suit your needs
– Shim settings
– Follow-up and exchanges until complete validation
– Data sheet with your setting dimensions
– Counter-visit if settings need to be adapted after real post-training feedback

Price: €150

Body measurement - postural study at octave
Measurement - postural study at octave
Pedaling analysis - postural study at octave