Care & mental preparation

Delphine Cabarrou, manual therapist and mental coach, welcomes you from Monday to Friday to her practice in our Octave house.


Manual Therapy

Mental preparation

Manual therapy

& rebouthérapie

My therapeutic approach is made up of different techniques (inspired by the Poyet method and the Prossel method – rebutherapy) aimed at realigning the body as a whole in response to various articular, muscular, ligamentary, visceral and psychosomatic conflicts…

The techniques are gentle and thrust-free, suitable for everyone.


Adults: 50 euros
Children (under 12): 40 euros
Baby (up to 3 years): 30 euros

Mental preparation

“Enabling everyone to bring out the best in themselves.”

Optimize your performance and well-being with mental preparation.

Mental preparation, like physical preparation, is training that enables athletes to improve and optimize their performance.

Amateur or professional, for competition or personal challenge, I offer a personalized coaching program to meet your needs: stress and emotion management, boosting self-confidence, improving concentration and technique, increasing motivation, etc.

The mental preparation program is based on your objectives, and is personalized, structured and planned. The number of sessions varies, usually between 8 and 12.

The process

1. In an initial meeting, we discuss a range of topics to gather all the information needed to draw up the program, with the aim of identifying your strengths and any problems you may be experiencing.

At the end of the appointment, I’ll give you the number of sessions you’ll need and an estimate so you can decide whether or not to continue with the program.

2. Training program: mental preparation sessions begin, with an average of 3 sessions per month, with a training session to be carried out between each session.

If you choose to continue the program, the first maintenance session is free of charge.

Mental preparation can be carried out in the office or remotely via video appointments.


First session: Interview and discovery of mental preparation: 50 euros
Personalized mental preparation program: on request

About us

“I’ve always taken care of others to heart. Surrounded by athletes on a daily basis and aware of their needs, I chose to offer them support by working on the physical aspects – manual therapy, recovery massage – and mental aspects – mental preparation – with the aim of optimizing performance and well-being in practice.

However, whatever our activity, our age or the demands of daily life, our body is in perpetual motion and undergoes various stresses. That’s why manual therapy sessions are open to everyone, sportsmen and women alike.

I welcome you to my practice, in a setting that is both dynamic and warm, to bring you the care your body needs.”

I am a graduate of :
– École Nationale de Pratique en Phytothérapie (Bayonne, France)
– Rebouthérapie, Manual therapy. Prossel Formation. (Bayonne)
– Mental Formation, with Thomas SAMMUT, Eric POUSSARD and Guillaume RIVAS (Marseille)


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