Our GPX tracks

Would you like to ride in our valley but don’t have a route in mind?

Let our GPX tracks guide you through the valley’s best trails, all starting from our Octave house.

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Mountain bike tracks

Le Bédat

Distance: 9km
Difference in altitude: 400m
Difficulty: blue/red

Octave’s verdict: Technically relatively accessible in dry weather, but beware of slipping if the stones are wet. A very pleasant and fun trail, with magnificent views from the orientation table and the Vierge du Bédat.

Caesar’s camp

Distance: 12.5km
Difference in altitude: 300m
Difficulty: green/blue

Octave’s verdict: Circuit suitable for the general public, with the possibility of more challenging sections on the Red trail. A fairly steady and not too steep mountain bike climb will take you to the start of the trail.

Les Palomières

Distance: 16km
Difference in altitude: 600m
Difficulty: blue

Octave’s verdict: Climb the palomière and go all the way down the Gerbe Bleue enduro. A not too steep ascent and magnificent scenery on the heights before starting on the freshly opened Gerbe blue trail, accessible to all.


Distance: 24km
Ascent: 850m
Difficulty: red/black

Octave’s verdict: Take the road up to the start of the mythical Mirkwood descent, which takes at least 1h30. A challenging natural trail, alternating between roots, rocks and loose soil, you’ll need a solid technical base to get to the finish!

Col d’Aspin

Distance: 49km
Ascent: 1,080m
Difficulty: red

Octave’s verdict: Climb the mythical Col d’Apsin by road before tackling the final km on a mountain bike and then the enduro trail that will take you back down to Lac de Payolle.